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The Age Of Venus Records
3 rue cale crucy
44100 Nantes

Phone : ++33(0)2 40 76 38 80

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"A revolution in mind through music"

Late 1994, early 1995 that mind reflexion was constant: '"so many shitty bands get signed while those i love, nobody care of !", mid 1995 an idea came from that reflexion and late 1995 the idea materialized : "i start my own label and put out the demo of my band". Oh yeah, that was an humble beginning, not even a studio recording but a live one, by the way that was only AOV00, not even a first production! Ah, ah !! Yet, retrospectively that release was as exciting as the upcoming ones. Maybe even more as everything was so fresh. For the continuation of the story (cf. "bands" section) please take a look at the whole web site.

By our bands and choices, this label records content to have an "ambition", and that's the source of our hope. Beyond revolution, at least changes have to be made. As we grow older as we meet new people and different lifestyle we (hopefully) open our hearts and minds and give tolerance, compassion and LOVE a thoughtfull sense. Also, then we realise errors in our ways and want to share our new state of mind with our own kind... and even far beyond. That's where the story begin... The Age Of Venus Records

Revolution first started in 1995.