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The Age Of Venus Records
3 rue cale crucy
44100 Nantes

Phone : ++33(0)2 40 76 38 80

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"A revolution in mind through music"

AOV rcds originally started out as an HARDCORE-PUNK label rcds.

I have personnaly always been involved in various cultures and movements, and i do remember my teen age days and evenings split between (school), skate, punk, reggae and ragga/dancehall parties.

Over the years my need for a spiritual and higher life was satisfied and fed through many sources, but reggae strong soul vibrations was one of the leading musical one.
I'm glad and proud now to have turned my interest and sensibility into a stronger involvement. I guess its also the time and place to give a thumbs up to all artists AOV rcds work with and that offered trust and support. (cf. "artists" section).

Finally by our attitude and choices, this label records content to have an "ambition", and that's the source of our hope. Because beyond revolution, at least changes have to be made. As we grow older as we meet new people and different lifestyle we (hopefully) open our hearts and minds and give tolerance, compassion and LOVE a thoughtfull sense.
Also, then we realise errors in our ways and want to share our new state of mind with our own kind... and even far beyond.

That's where the story begin... The Age Of Venus Records